The world's most advanced invisible speaker technology. Live-Wall produces the only speakers praised by audiophiles and interior designers alike, because they're the only hidden speakers capable of premium sound. Live-Wall technology actually turns a wall's surface into a speaker diaphragm, meaning our speakers don't have to push sound waves through a wall panel the way other hidden speaker brands do. That's why Live-Wall speakers sound clean and precise, rather than muffled and distorted. It also means they deliver an incredible 160-degree dispersion pattern, solving a number of common placement issues and effectively turning an entire room into one big sweet spot. Thanks to our patent protected design, Live-Wall offers the first and only invisible speaker system that truly sounds good enough to belong in your high end home.





"Live-Wall speakers are designed to be heard and not seen. But here is the thing; they are meant to be heard and enjoyed too… producing 3D, holographic, nuanced imaging that one typically associates with hyper-engineered monitors."

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